Panasonic KX-TA824 Telephone System


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This new Panasonic KX-TA824 system is designed to be a replacement/upgrade to the long-time solid performing KX-TA624 system. Out of the box the KX-TA824 comes with 3 telco lines and 8 extension ports. The KX-TA824 is also expandable up to 8 telco lines and 24 extensions. Buy the way, these extension ports can take either the KX-T7700 series propietary phones, OR single line telephones (Plain Ole’ Telephones) and pass caller ID to them both!

The KX-TA824 is the first Panasonic system to offer, an optional, plug-in message card (KX-TA824-92). Providing each phone with it’s own mailbox to take messages from callers. A message waiting light will be left when a caller leaves a message on the KX-TA824.

The KX-TA824 can be used with the telephone companies voicemail too. The KX-TA824 will accommodate one telco voicemail box per line.

One FANTASTIC upgrade to the KX-TA824 is that the KX-TA824 can be programed either by phone, rs-232 port, usb port or even remotely! Making the KX-TA824 system now programmable via PC. The USB and SERIAL port can be active at the same time. So now you can have simultaneous programing and call logging on the KX-TA824. Those needing call accounting will like this.

The KX-TA824 PC programing software is now available and being shipped with new orders.

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KX-TA824 Package with 3 KX-T7731 Phones


Now with FREE UPS Ground Shipping!!!

New KX-TA824 Additional Features

  • Simple built-in KX-TA824 Voice Messaging
  • Single-line Extension Caller ID
  • 3 Level Auto Attendant using DISA
  • On Site KX-TA824 Windows Based PC Programming using built in RS232 or USB
  • Remote KX-TA824 Windows Based PC Programming Using Built-in Modem Card
  • Local Carrier Based Voice Mail Compatibility
System Capacities
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KX-TA824 Trunk
KX-TA824 Loop
Start CO’s
KX-TA824 Extension
Ports (Max)
KX-TA824 Single
Line Telephone (SLT)
KX-TA824 Proprietary
Telephone and DSS Console (KX-T7700, KX-T7300, KX-T7000
Series) (Max)
KX-TA824 Voice
Processing System Ports
KX-TA824 Wireless
Telephones KX-T7885& KX-T7895
KX-TA824 Doorphones & Opener


KX-TA824 Phones & Voicemail